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Metta: The Practice of Loving Kindness
A 4 Night Retreat
Jamestown, CO

The Metta Sutta is the Buddha's teaching on Loving Kindness Meditation. Metta is the practice of literally filling the mind with wholesome thoughts, which takes great concentration, making the practice both heart opening and mind expanding.

During this retreat we will look in detail at these teachings and how they can be directly put into practice. The retreat will consist of instruction, seated and walking practice, and some Buddhist philosophy and psychology to put the practice into context.

This retreat is limited to 28 people.

When:Wennesday, May 29, 2019, 5:30pm - Sunday, June 2, 10:00am
Where: Rocky Mountain Echodharma Retreat Center, Jamestown, CO.
Cost: $270-$330,depending on accomodation + teacher dana.
To register: Space is limited to 28 people. On line registration with a $35 deposit is required. Final payment by check will be due by May. 1, 2019.
Please use of of the Buttons below and pay the deposit via paypal or credit card.
Scholarships: There are scholarship places available.
Follow the more information link below for details. Do not register.

Click here to get much more detailed information about this retreat, including info on prices, scholarships, transportation, food, daily schedule, what to bring, practice notes and much more..

1) No part retreats. You must commit to the entire 5 days.
2) Couples may not share rooms or tents.
3) The fees are used to cover food and lodging costs. There will be a Dana bowl put out at the end of the retreat for teacher dana.
4) I will personally respond via e-mail once you have registered, usually within one day.
5) Pick the button below based on your accomodation prefernce. In all cases you will be charged only a $35 non-refundable deposit.

Single Room $330
- $35 deposit

Sorry, all single rooms have been taken.

Double Room $300
- $35 deposit

Dorm Room - 3-4 people - $270
- $35 deposit

Tent Space - $270
- $35 deposit

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