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The Five Kilesas:
Obstacles To Practice & How To Work With Them
- Boulder - Sunday, September 17

After establishing a focused sitting and walking practice anchored on the breath and body sensation participants will explore the five kilesas; desire, aversion, sloth and torpor, restlessness and doubt. Each of these obstacles to a calm meditative state will be examined from various perspectives; how they can be detected, what are their common signs, and how to work with them once they have arisen in the mind and been noticed. This day long retreat is suitable for anyone who wishes to deepen their meditation practice.

When:Sunday September 17, 9:00am - 5:00pm
Where: Private home in Boulder, near 19th and Balsam
Cost: $10 + teacher dana
To register: Space is limited to 16 people. On line registration is required.
Please use the Button below and pay via paypal or credit card.

1) No part days. You must commit to the entire day.
2) The registration fee is used to cover advertising and administration expenses. There will be a Dana bowl put out at the end of the day for teacher dana.
3) I will personally respond via e-mail once you have registered, usually within one day, except over Labor Day weekend.

The Five Kilesas
Daylong Retreat Sep. 17

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