Buddha Dharma


The Seven Factors of Awakening
A 4 Night Retreat
Jamestown, CO

The Seven Factors of Awakening is one of the Buddha’s main teachings. It describes the progressive path that a practitioner takes through successive wholesome mind states, from Mindfulness to Equanimity, leading to Enlightenment. It is important to understand this teaching and experience its development in the heart/mind. This is a source of great joy.

During the course of this Vipassana Meditation retreat students will learn the Seven Factors, how to recognize the arising of these mind states, and how to work with them skillfully.

This retreat is limited to 28 people.

When:Wennesday, Oct. 14, 2020, 5:30pm - Sunday,Oct.18, 10:00am
Where: Rocky Mountain Ecodharma Retreat Center, Jamestown, CO.
Cost: $295-$345,depending on accommodation + teacher dana.
To register: You can register through RMERC here.
Scholarships: Scholarship places are available. For more information go here.                                                   Do not register until we have communicated.

More Information: Click here to get much more detailed information about this retreat, including info on prices, transportation, food, daily schedule, what to bring, practice notes and much more.

1) No part retreats. You must commit to the entire 5 days.
2) Couples may not share rooms or tents.
3) The fees are used to cover food and lodging costs. There will be a Dana bowl put out at the end of the retreat for teacher dana.

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