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In Boulder, Colorado

Tuesday, April 10, 7-9pm
Sabbasava Sutta - All the Taints

A sit and dhamma talk at The Boulder Tuesday Night Sangha. An interesting sutta that lists seven ways we can change our unwholesome habits of body, speech and mind. Everyone is welcome.

Thursday, July 12 - Sunday, July 15
The Happiness of the Buddha

A 3 night Vipassana Retreat
at the Rocky Mountain Ecodharma Retreat Center
Jamestown, CO
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In Arvada, Colorado

At Asana Studio
Sit and Dharma Talk - Alternate Thursday Evenings 7-8:45pm.
NOTE: All of these talks are Dana based, with no pre-registration required.

January 11 - May 3, 2018
Metta Meditation: The Practice of Loving Kindness
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May 17 - August 2, 2018
Six Talks on the Four Noble Truths

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