Buddha Dharma


The Happiness of the Buddha
An Day Long Retreat
Saturday, February 24

The Buddha and his teachings are often thought of as depressing. All that talk about suffering! Actually the Buddha spent most of his time talking about happiness, how we can bring more joy into our own lives and into the lives of everyone around us.

The Buddha was called The Happy One for good reason. In this day long retreat we will explore what the Buddha taught about happiness. The retreat will consist of instruction, seated and walking practice, and some Buddhist philosophy to put the practice into context.

When:Saturday, February 24, 9:00am - 5:00pm
Where:Kelly's Barn in North Boulder. Directions sent once you register.
Cost: $15 registration fee to cover space rental and administartion costs + teacher dana.
To register: On line registration is required.
Please use the Button below and pay via paypal or credit card.
Scholarships: If you can't afford the registration fee please contact me directly about receiving a scholarship.
NOTE: You must plan to participate for the entire day. No part retreats.

The Happiness of the Buddha

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