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The Ten Paramis - Progression on the Path
A Five Week On-line Course

The teaching on the Ten Paramis is a clear description of the progressive path we can follow towards Awakening. The Pali word "parami" translates roughly as "perfection". Each parami is an aspect of character that can be cultivated and at the same time is something that supports the growth of deeper practice. They don't require that we are perfect, they point us towards that possibility.

Each week two of the Paramis will be presented within the context of a Sangha, a gathering of practitioners. We will start with a 1/2 hour sit, a dharma talk explaining the paramis in the context of Buddhist philosophy/psychology, and time for questions and discussion. Everyone is welcome. Though each week will stand alone, it would be best to attend all five weeks to get a clear picture of the total teaching. The dharma talks will be posted on this web site each week after they have been given, for anyone who wants to "catch up".

When: Thursdays 7:00 - 8:45 pm, May 21 - June 18.
Zoom Meeting ID: 894 3145 0808
Zoom Password: 815821
Zoom Link:
Note: If you haven't used ZOOM before you will be asked to install the free Zoom client when you click on the link. It's very straight forward and only takes a few minutes. The meeting will open 15 minutes before the start time.
Cost: Teacher Dana. Please use the PayPal payment buttons below (PayPal or Credit Cards). You can make a weekly offering, one big offering at the beginning of the course, or at the end of the course, or whatever method you like. If your financial situation is difficult please do not feel obligated to offer anything.

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