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Metta – The Practice of Loving Kindness
An 8-week On-Line Meditation Course

The Metta Sutta is the Buddha's teaching on Loving Kindness Meditation. Metta is the practice of literally filling the mind with wholesome thoughts, leaving no room for unwholesome thoughts, emotions and moods. This practice also takes great concentration, making it both heart opening and mind expanding.
During the eight weeks of this course we will look in detail at these teachings and how they can be directly put into practice, using a traditional Theravada Buddhist form.

This course is suitable as both an introduction to the practice of meditation for complete beginners and as a way for more experienced practitioners to look more closely at the Buddha's teachings.

You can find a copy of the Metta Sutta here.

Each session will start with chanting the Three Refuges, a short meditation period to settle the body and mind, followed by detailed instructions, followed by a longer sitting where we can immediately practice these instructions. At the end of each session there will be time for questions and discussion.

All of these sessions will be on Thursday nights from 7-8:45pm. It would be best to attend all the sessions to get a complete understanding of the practice. However each session will stand on its own and people are welcome to attend any or all of them. All the teachings will be recorded, and the recordings will be put on this web site, so if you do miss a week it will be easy to "catch up".

When: Thursdays 7:00 - 8:45 pm Mountain Time, January 6 - February 24.
Zoom Meeting ID: 841 5648 6082
Zoom Password: 259521
Zoom Link:
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To join by phone: Please call 1-720-707-2699 or +1-253-215-8782

Cost: Teacher Dana. Please use the PayPal payment buttons below (PayPal or Credit Cards). You can make a weekly offering, one big offering at the beginning of the course, or at the end of the course, or whatever method you like. If your financial situation is difficult please do not feel obligated to offer anything.

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