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These are recordinsg of all the teaching I did for a day long retreat. The intention is to let people use one of these recordings to do a day long self-retreat, with the recording as guidance. There are clear indications of when you should pause the recording to sit, to do walking practice and to take a lunch break. You can set your own length of tiime for any practice session and then just resume the recording to carry on.

If a daylong is too much of a time commitment you could spread this out over two 1/2 day retreats, ending the first day at the lunch break time. Since there are six sitting periods on these retreats you could also spread this over six consecutive days of practcice The whole retreat was originally about 7.5 - 8 hours long.

Practice for a Difficult Time - November 2020
We are in the midst of a deep medical/ecological/social/political crisis. The Buddha practiced and taught over 2500 years ago. What is the relevance of his teachings today? How can they help us deal with our fears and anxiety and our reactions to the world's plight? How can they inform our efforts to create positive change in the world? We will consider these questions in the context of a traditional Insight Meditation retreat.
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Practicing with Beginner's Mind - January 2021
The term "Beginner's Mind" frequently appears in Buddhist teachings. What does it actually mean? How can our practice, perhaps even a practice of many years, still reflect the approach of a beginner? During this retreat we will explore these two questions, particularly with regards to what the Buddha actually said, and see how we can then apply these teachings to our practice.
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