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After spending most of the pandemic painting Buddhas I felt I needed a major shift in my choice of what to paint, so that I didn't fall into a repetive rut. It struck me that it would be intersting to paint female weight lifters, both because the challenge of painting bodies again interested me and because the idea went so against the traditional ways that women had been represented in art; Madonna's, goddesses, someone's wife or daughter or sister, or erotically. Instead why not show women as strong and powerful, fierce and even a little sweaty.

You can look at the pictures individually, by selecting one of the thumbnail versions below, or scan through the whole series by selecting Next in the navaigation bar to the left to go through the paintings in order.

Ashley - Face Pull

Ashley - Pause Squat
Blake - Bench Press
Courtney - Plank
Resistance Band Pull
Eliza - Squat

Courtney - Hip Thrusters

Courtney - Chest Press
Dana - Bicep Curl
Rebecca - Chest Press
Elyse - Arsenal Glute Bridge


Elyse - Dead Lift

Rosanne - Snatch
Rosanne - Clean and Jerk