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Sacred Spaces

These paintings are all based on the idea that paintings of simple architectural forms and objects from nature can create something numinous, a sacred space. I played with these ideas while I was still working in the more abstract forms found in earlier work. From March of 2006 through March 2009 these ideas dominated my work with it becoming more realistic and involved with perspective. I also developed a consistent palette that is used over and over in varying combinations of golds, greens, greys, red ochres and browns, with pale blue skies in the background.

You can look at the pictures individually, by selecting one of the thumbnail versions below, or scan through the whole series by selecting Next in the navaigation bar to the left to go through the paintings in order. This will give you some idea of how I developed and hopefully progressed.

The Way of 7 Gates
The Middle Path
Battle for the Temple
Temple in the Trees
Golden Temple
Prayer Booths
Temple Sunrise
Peace Tower
Star Temple
fallen risen
Temple Mesa
Watching the Pass
Hollowed Out
Many Paths
In the Open
Hilltop Sanctuary
Cloister Courtyard
Square Maze
Tree Maze
Flower Maze