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Things I Liked

Some of these paintings came before I was really finished with my Boulder Architecture series, some came after I had already painted a few of the pieces that are in the work in Bodies. My interests started to widen beyond "just" architecture, looking at reflections, shadows, clouds. Though they all have buildings are parts of buildings in them, they aren't the main thing anymore, they are in relationship to something else. I just saw these things and liked them, simple as that.

You can look at the pictures individually, by selecting one of the thumbnail versions below, or scan through the whole series by selecting Next in the navaigation bar to the left to go through the paintings in order. This will give you some idea of how I developed and hopefully progressed.


No Parking
Sara and Zephyr
November Tree 
Broken Cloud

Blue Man Passing By

After The Fire
Not In This Corner
Lots Goin' On 
Patio - Early Morning

Roof Top Patio

Power Plant:
Winter Morning
The Light
Waiting for Spring
Spring Power