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Earlier Work

The earliest of these peices (the top row) were done while I was still living in Ottawa. This is just a few of the peices from that time, a representative sample.

The work is primarily concerned with using color and shape to create motion. I've always had an intense interest in geometry, which shows in the work, and in optical effects that can be created by shape and color juxtapositions. Several of the works play with layers of similar objects, and fine differences in color to create a sense of depth. The idea behind all of them is that there is an infinite plane of objects and that the painting is simply a "slice" of this plane. My interest in Escher's ideas on Perfect Tiling are also obvious. The last piece from this period, Borderlands #1, is transitional and was actually done in the last two weeks before I moved to Boulder.

The next two rows are some of the peices I did after moving to Boulder. The transition was both physical and mental. My work became more complex as I became interested in what happens when two planes intersect.

You can look at the pictures individually, by selecting one of the thumbnail versions below, or scan through the whole series by selecting Next in the navaigation bar to the left to go through the paintings in order. This will give you some idea of how I developed and hopefully progressed.

Red Field #1

Sri Yantra #1


Tiling Vortex

Borderlands #1

Borderlands #2

Alhambra Dragon

Emerging Nation


Back and Forth

Fading Back and Forth

Star Crossed #1

Star Crossed #2

Viewpoints #1