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Boulder Architecture

These paintings represent an interesting shift for me, from the world of imagination to the "real" world. The last 3 or 4 pieces I did in the Sacred Spaces series were becoming more and more "realistic", even though they were still palces that were completely out of my head, they had no concrete existence except on the canvas. Meanwhile I started to look more closely at actual buildings, or to be precise parts or sections of buildings, seeing how the way that light fell on a structure created geometric patterns of light and shadow. The current peices all start from this veiwpoint. In a sense I've gone back to the geometric patterns of 3 or 4 years ago, but the patterns arise out of the architecture.

You can look at the pictures individually, by selecting one of the thumbnail versions below, or scan through the whole series by selecting Next in the navaigation bar to the left to go through the paintings in order. This will give you some idea of how I developed and hopefully progressed.

South Wall
Boulder Courthouse

East Wall
Guggenheim Building
Top Floor
East Tower
Mackey Auditorium
The Mill

2480 Wilderness Place

2025 Pearl
NE Corner:
1655 Walnut
Rear: 1601 Pearl
Bell Tower:
First Baptist Church

Roof Lines

SW Corner:
Broadway & Spruce 
Back Shed: 1714 Pine
Tree Shadow: 1934 Pine 
The Condo Range 

Two Pigeons

Across The Alley